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Hello, welcome to Current Technologies.

So named during an era where change came frequently and those that thought ahead… stayed current.. and thrived. We’ve been helping companies grow their IT infrastructure, telecoms and security systems for over 2 decades.

In the time we’ve been working in technology, we’ve seen computing becoming an everyday part for all businesses. What started out as a small need for a computer became the need for a network with multiple computers, printers and when it arrived, the internet. Since then, the world has changed. Technology is now ubiquitous, from your fridge to your car, everything is connected.

For a business to be suitably insulated against technology problems, they need to understand where they’re at technologically speaking.  That’s where we come in.

Not every business can afford (or indeed need) an expensive maintenance contract with an IT Support company, sometimes they just need someone to make some suggestions (in plain English) and have a strategy for implementation. We’ve helped 100’s of businesses this way, saving them time and money, and providing them with tools and systems that work.

So what’s current technology these days?

Office 365

POP3 and IMAP solutions simply weren’t cut out for heavy usage and come with limitations. Find out how we can help eliminate those issues and provide with many added benefits.

Cloud Services

The days of having expensive, bloated servers in house to run applications are coming to an end with Cloud Services. Find out how you can save £££s on hardware and increase performance at the click of a button,.


From ultra quick fibre networks to cable free Wireless networks, we’ve got you covered. Need to connect two buildings? No problem. We’ve probably fitted in excess of 10,000 network nodes and never dropped a packet!


Using the latest in surveillance and monitoring equipment, we’re able to provide round the clock monitoring of your workplace. With internet enabled cameras and mobile apps to access them, your business can be kept safe and secure.

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