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Our approach to WiFi connectivity is more than just providing a signal. If you’re a business that needs to provide customers with an internet connection, there are many considerations to make such as:

  • Separating business communication from customer communication
  • Preventing access to illegal content
  • Offering a paid-for service
  • Advertising add-ons as part of the wifi service
  • Managing bandwidth


Wifi where you need it, when you need it

Wifi where you need it

We create a ‘heatmap’ identifying exactly where coverage is poor, so there’s no guesswork involved in where to broadcast the wireless signal from.


Advertise or create a paid for wifi service

Generate Income

If you’re running a hotel or leisure complex, you can offer your customers wifi that generates an income stream, or advertise other services as part of the connection.


no more patch signals and poor connections

Fast Wirelss

In addition to great coverage our business wifi package uses intelligent switching ensuring your connected devices are always benefiting from the highest connection speeds.

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