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Expertly structured cabling is the foundation of a good communication network. Without it, your business is doomed to suffer. As businesses grow, and new devices are added to a network, additional wiring is often required. We’ve all done it – rushed out to a computer shop, bought a network cable and quickly plugged it into a network switch to get a computer connected. Although it’s a quick fix, this approach will inevitably lead to problems, untidy cables can cause trip hazzards as well as confusion at the comms cabinet.

At Current Technology, we’re proud to say we’re a little bit OCD when it comes to cabling. Everything we do has to be precise and strategic. No spaghetti comms cabinets, just neat and tidy cabling, discreetly hidden but always identifiable.

Ask us about a network audit – we’ll tell you how well your existing wiring is transmitting and receiving data and if any of it needs replacing and we’ll also document and plan an upgrade path should your business need it.

We also supply and fit air conditioned communication cabinets for your network switches and servers.

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